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The New Transatlantic Agenda

The main objective of this study is to analyze the developments in Euro-Atlantic relations in view of the changing nature of the European Union and the United States. It also aims to identify and examine the main political processes in the transatlantic alliance, which condition the benchmarks of the origin and evolution of its policy formation. In addition the book also seeks to evaluate the prevalent trends in transatlantic relations with strategically important third countries and regions, such as Russia, China, the Balkans, and the Middle East, as well as the EU and US relationship with key international organizations, such as NATO, the UN and G-7/8. Finally , a major objective of this project has been the formulation and rationalization of plausible policy recommendations with the purpose of contributing to the successful transformation, strengthening and contituity of the transatlantic relationship.

Paperback: 197 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-0754617808

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