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Central and Southeastern Europe in Transition: Perspectives on Success and Failure Since 1989

Gardner examines the causes and consequences of Russia's annexation of Crimea. By analyzing alliance formations and the consequences of other annexations in world history, the book urges an alternative US-NATO-European-Japanese strategy toward both Russia and China in the effort to prevent a renewed arms race, if not global war.


The Analysis of the complexity behind the enlargement of NATO into Central Europe couldn't be better presented. Gardner is an expert in the subject matter and has remarkable knowledge. I have personally learned a lot by reading his books, each peace of work presented by Gardner is unique and brilliantly written. All I can say it that I highly recommend buying this book to whoever has a thirst for an accurate, deep and realistic picture of Central and South Eastern Europe following the enlargement of NATO Which is affecting each and everyone of us in both a positive and a negative manner. Moreover, I would recommend buying "Surviving the Millennium" and Dangerous Cross Roads" by the same Author. Thank you Hall Gardner for sharing your knowledge so eloquently.

Nadia Al Said

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