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Averting Global War

Averting Global War: Regional Challenges, Overextension, and Options for American Strategy (2007; 2010)- now published in paperback- argues that warfare among major powers and/or else wider regional wars represent real possibilities if a concerted US-NATO-European-Russian and Japanese relationship (in working with China where possible) cannot soon be established. Such a war would not at all be like that of either World War I or World War II, but could be sparked by regional instabilities and significant acts of terrorism. The book moves around the globe in analyzing key hot spots: NATO-Russia-Ukraine-Eastern Europe/ the Caucasus, Iraq, Iran, Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, North-South Korea, China-Taiwan, Colombia-Venezuela and the Tex-Mex border, among other areas. While recognizing regional specificity, the book frames ways to resolve disputes/conflicts through the establishment of internationalized and interlocking "regional security communities." Averting Global War (2007) clearly predicted the possibility of war between Georgia and Russia in August 2008, among other scenarios that could generate even wider and more dangerous conflicts, forewarning likewise of Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Paperback: 285 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-0230600867

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